The Special Flower

The sun was blazing across the fields,

the wind was blowing gently.

It catches my eye, what a lovely sight!

A flower that’s different than many.


Amid roses and tulips and daisies and dahlias,

the flower stands out like a sore thumb.

It’s dancing so gracefully with the wind

like it savors some kind of freedom.


When storms strike and hurricanes happen,

the flower remains without scratch.

In fact it blooms and grows as it pleases;

Its beauty remains unmatched.


When autumn arrives and leaves start to fall

surrounding her hues of orange,

the special flower remains as it is;

no wilt nor change so abhorrent.


The flower’s resilience and beauty and grace

reminded me of a lesson

about strength and refinement and a woman’s worth

instilled to me by this person.


The special flower’s unlike anything else

but I’m glad I have that flower.

A gentle reminder of life’s greatest blessings,

I call that flower “sister”.


PS: My mom is really a special flower, too, but since today’s my sister’s birthday, the limelight’s hers 😛


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