Doctor Google?

googling symptoms

Who here tried consulting with “Dr.” Google?

Every time you feel something or see something weird on your body, what’s your immediate move? Check with Google, yes?

Four days ago, I felt so fatigued and enervated. I woke up with cold hands and feet and I just felt too weak to function. Feeling somewhat helpless, I checked my symptoms with Google. For real, it was the first thing that came to my mind.

The first time I entered the symptoms I experienced, I came across stress and sleep deprivation in the results. But then I just felt the need to “make sure”… using Google. LOL. So I typed in again the symptoms, in a more specific way.


OHMYGOD, SERIOUSLY????!!!! I’m…. dying?

It was then that it dawned to me that googling can cause unnecessary anxiety or misdiagnosing. So silly of me as a health professional to even “Google my symptoms.”

In today’s digital age, Google has been a significant part of our lives...

What’s the meaning of this word? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

What’s up with the world today? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

How do I get to this place? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

Where can I buy this jacket? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

What are the events for next month? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

How do I make a paper plane? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

What exercises should I do? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

Is computer bad for your health? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

What’s the difference between butter and margarine? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

Some people even go How to move on? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

And now, even What’s wrong with me? CHECK WITH GOOGLE.

It’s like Google is the universal go-to platform! It’s everybody’s doctor, therapist, financial adviser, personal trainer, nutritionist, teacher, fashion stylist, newscaster, weather reporter, everything!

Google, indeed, comes in handy for a lot of things. But when it comes to health-related issues,

is it safe?

Admit it. Google helps you decide whether you need to go to the doctor or not. If it doesn’t sound or feel alarming to you, you would rather stay at home.

“Uy Leen! Nurse ka diba? Tingin mo may gastroenteritis si Gardo? Ginoogle ko kasi baka daw may gastroenteritis. Pero mawawala naman daw, iinom lang ng maraming tubig so di ko nalang ipapacheck noh? Or ano sa tingin mo, punta pa rin kami sa doctor para second opinion?”

O diba? Pang second opinion nalang kayo mga Doc! Hihihi

Kidding aside, this is now the reality of life. Google is everybody’s consultant.

At times when the Google results make you uneasy, there’s still a 50% chance you’ll just obsess about it and not do anything.

Could it be true? Do I have stomach cancer? Let me research about it... Let me check the symptoms again....

Sense of fullness after eating. Yes, yes! I feel that all the time.

Abdominal pain. I feel this, too!!!

Family history of cancer. The uncle of the grandma of the cousin of my mom had cancer.

Nausea. I sometimes encounter this especially when I travel.

Heartburn or indigestion. Yes, yes, yes!

Vomiting. I vomited 3 weeks ago!

Anemia. (Looks at mirror) I look pale!


Few hours or days later, you’ll most likely go through the same cycle and still not go to a doctor for professional help.

Anxiety level: 1000000000000000

Sounds familiar?

One danger to checking your symptoms online is self-diagnosing. And what comes after? Self-medicating.

Yes, the internet is an amazing tool for many a things including research. However, replacing a professional diagnosis is dangerous. Not to mention anxiety-inducing. So while Googling seems convenient, it is not always helpful especially when it comes to our health.

Honestly? I’ve kind of made a habit out of this, too. But I do not let it get to me anymore, and I see to it that I always seek medical attention especially when it’s about Ezra.

Yes, we all seek peace of mind. And it’s just normal to want to know what’s going on with our bodies. But remember: True peace of mind is only attainable through professionally-governed medical attention. And unfortunately for many of us, we cannot get this peace of mind with “Dr.” Google. So stay wise. "Health is wealth" is not a famous aphorism for nothing. 🙂

Possible reasons why people rely on Dr. Google so much

Tick the box/es you find applicable to you.



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    1. Hahahaha! I always blame Manila traffic, but I guess that’s just me rationalizing my laziness to get up and get actual medical help 😂😂😂 Apir ta! 😅

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