The Things We Really Want For Mother’s Day (Ehem!)

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I bet most of you are already planning or wrapping something up for your moms and/or wives. Well, kudos to you! Moms really do deserve an appreciation day (should be everyday, TBH). But you know what? While gifts, lavish dinners, and surprises are held dear, the things moms truly want — or at least I know I want (haha) — are simple (and FREE):

#4 A mess-free house

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Yep. A mess-free house that for once we did not “keep”. Like, please give us this one day or week to not see such eyesore of a mess. The house doesn’t have to be sparkling clean. Just mess-free — no toys lying around, no socks on the floor, no scattered food crumbs on the dining area (or any other part of the house), no piece of furniture tumbling down, no dirty dishes abandoned in the sink, no new stain on any fabric in the house. Or, how about we (moms) wake up to you guys cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or at least just trying to make the house free of the usual mess? We need days off from these house work, too. Please.

#3 Family time

Nothing makes us happier than having good quality time with our brood. So yes, it’s the weekend but can we make this weekend “family time”? We don’t have to spend every minute together. The thought of having everyone home is just something very comforting for us even if we are all doing our own thing. Then in the evening, we can probably have a movie night or game night or just a really good dinner.

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“Sticking with your family is what makes it a family. Be sure to spend time with your parents while you can, because one day when you look up from your busy life, they won’t be there anymore! No matter what, it’s family time over everything.” —

#2 Me time

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Give your momma/wife some space. Please. You don’t know how much we crave for this. Some space to be able to use the toilet without someone tailing us or knocking on the door to ask for something; Some space to be able to hear our thoughts or complete one song in our head; Some space to check our e-mails or social media accounts without the house falling apart or anyone fighting over mundane things; Some space to eat without any interruption or anyone “taking away” (or asking for) our food. Just…. a little space for a day or even a few hours would be nice.

#1 Peace

Oh yes, peace please!!! Let us hear no fighting (kid vs kid or kid vs dad 🙄); no relentless, full-throttle crying or Oscar-worthy crocodile tears; and definitely no constant complaining (or obvious grimacing) about being “obligated” to spend Mother’s Day. I’m saying this because some teenage kids or even young “adults” do this because they’re itching to go out with a lover or some friends.

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Honestly, a gift would be nice but these 4 are gold. Well, maybe not all moms need this and they probably still want them some flowers or chocolates or I Love You, Mom cakes or spa coupons. Like I said, any gift is precious. It’s just that if you’re looking into giving your mom a well-deserved Appreciation Day without spending a dime, these 4 are more than enough to nail it. And oh, give me a bonus gift by liking my page When Ai Blog and subscribing to my channel When Ai Vlog. Hahaha, nakapag plug pa noh? 😅😜 Thank you in advance and advanced Happy Mother’s Day to all superwomoms and single dads out there!


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*Credits to Nathalie Cartoons for all but one illustration in this post. Your drawings are on point!


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