Top Kids’ Halloween Costumes for 2018

best halloween costume ideas for kids

Halloween 2018 just ended and it’s only fitting to post the cutest kids’ costumes this year. Some of them were handpicked because let’s face it, these kids are too adorbs not to post, while others submitted their kids’ photos and they’re super right to do so! So without further ado, here are some of the most adorable kids' costumes for this year's Halloween (in no particular order). You can snag ideas from here for next year's Halloween, too!

alfalfa costume



Who could ever forget Alfalfa’s style? From his peculiar hairdo to his strangely debonair fashion sense and even down to his freckly face, this little boy has mimicked Alfalfa very well! The costume’s pretty simple to put together yet super catchy and on point. Adam was definitely a head turner!

baby in Woody toy story costume



Woody is deemed as Andy’s favorite toy in the movie Toy Story. With this costume donned by this darling charmer, Zane, there is no doubt he’ll easily be anyone’s favorite cowboy sheriff! Howdy, partner!

starbucks costume


Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

Wait. Did anyone order a mini caramel frappuccino speckled with cuteness and added with a dollop of charisma?

baby Anabelle Halloween costume



How can creepy be this cute??? As her mom posted, “Because princess costumes are so mainstream.” Good point. But you know, if Anabelle was this adorable and irresistible, more kids (and adults) would’ve been lured to keep such a lovely doll only to be haunted in the future so… WHEW!

kid's witch costume

Ronexa Deanne

The Wicked Witch

Sticking with the classics is always wise. Look at this adorable wicked witch. With a flash of her smile, you’ll surely be under her spell in no time!

car racer costume lightning mcqueen

Dominic Rain

Car Racer

Like Dominic, most young boys want to be a racer or a superhero during Halloween. Thanks to this NASCAR costume, people were able to see this little ladies’ man zoom around the neighborhood for trick or treat! So if you have a boy and you’re clueless on what to let him wear, you’ll never go wrong with a car racer costume.

Princess Poppy costume


Princess Poppy

Halloween need not to be scary! Princess Poppy, in the movie Trolls, is a princess who’s known for her positivity, cheerfulness and sweet demeanor. Exactly what this pretty girl is giving out to us!

diy halloween costume for kids


DIY Gumball Machine

Halloween can really test a parent’s creativity. Who would’ve thought a couple of colorful pompoms could turn into a unique and Pinteresty costume? And look at sweetie pie Kiah, she totally pulled it off!

raggedy ann costume


Raggedy Ann

The mop-like hair, the flowery accents, the cute apron-style dress — this has got to be one of the most adorable little girl costumes EVER. And with baby Amelia’s natural appeal, I bet this ragdoll received twice as many candies this year!

Jollibee kid's costume



Best in Costume in 2 different Halloween events? Not surprising. Excuse me, mascot Jollibee! The cuter version is here!

PS. He has this wiggle dance video while wearing this costume and trust me, if you saw it, you’ll absolutely fall in love with him! I know I did.

baby bat costume


Bat Baby

For Reilly’s mom, being 5 months old is no excuse to skip the Halloween fun. Thanks to her, Halloween isn’t filled with all WAAAAA!!! but some AAAAWWs as well. Just look how cute Reilly is in that infant bat costume (complete with props. Kudos to you, Momma!). An absolutely fetching Halloween costume idea for babies. And oh, notice those Michelin arms? Gaaah, too cute!

If you are a fan of X-Men, my son also wore an absolutely dashing Wolverine costume! Click the link to check it out.

So... see you next year in your Halloween costumes, yes? 🙂


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