Converge vs Sky Internet PART TWO: An Honest Experience On Which is Better

converge vs sky
Two of the most popular internet providers in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila and some parts in Luzon, are Sky and Converge. Most people ask: What provider is best? Our answer is plain and simple: CONVERGE.


How about Sky? Is it worth signing up with?


Well, I don’t know about you. Some other people may have good experiences with them but for us? It’s an all-out NO. As in N-E-V-E-R. It’s not worth the money, it’s not worth the stress, it’s not worth the risk (We have neighbors who may say Sky is “fine” but with our experience with them, “fine” is an overstatement. Sorry not sorry. So let’s say MAYBE your Sky experience will be fine or maybe even exceptional. But then again, maybe not, right?)
If you’re a Sky subscriber and it works perfectly for you, that’s great. Congratulations. Many people are actually satisfied with their service, too. Sucks for us, huh? But the question here is, if you’re still looking into signing up with the best internet provider, would you take a leap of faith and go with Sky?


| Full review here:  Sky Fiber Connection Review

Of course, experiences may vary. So here’s a comparison table for you.
converge vs sky



Okay, so Sky has a P999 plan whereas Converge’s cheapest one is P1500. But think about it, if you get the P999 plan of Sky, you get 5mbps of fiber-powered connection. Not to mention the possible headaches of intermittent service. Why not add P500 and enjoy 25mbps of pure fiber connection with Converge, right? I mean, yes, Sky has a P1399 plan which gives you UP TO 10 mbps of fiber-powered connection but then again, what’s P101 more for a 25mbps pure fiber internet?


Let’s go to their 25mbps plans. Sky offers a fiber-powered connection for P1899. Converge offers pure fiber connection for P1500.


Their 50mbps and 100mbps plans are priced more or less the same: P2500 and P3500 respectively. The big diff is, one is fiber-powered (combination of fiber optics and coaxial cable) and the other is pure fiber.


I reiterate “fiber-powered” and “pure fiber” because there is a huge diff. If you are a techie person, you probably know FTTN, HFC, FTTP, etc. If not, the simplest way to explain is probably this: a pure fiber connection, one which Converge has, lets you enjoy an internet service that uses end-to-end fiber optics, meaning from the main port or distribution center or I’m not sure what it is really called all the way to your home. A fiber-powered connection, the one Sky offers, uses a combination of fiber optics and coaxial cable which explains why the connection is not that fluid compared to pure fiber connections. That is also the reason why download and upload speeds are almost poles apart. See with Converge (read full review to have a more in-depth take on these things), download and upload speeds are always around 20 to 25 or even more mbps. With Sky, you could have a download speed of 24 mbps and an upload speed of 3 mbps.

So which one is more cost efficient? You do the math.



This is where the problem comes in. Even though you are already set on getting Converge, the question is, is it available in your area? Both Sky and Converge are not yet set out to the entire Philippines. Converge covers areas in Luzon like Metro Manila, Calabarzon, Bicol, Rizal, etc. However, you still need to clarify with them if they can cater to your area. It doesn’t mean that if you’re in Metro Manila, Converge is easily available for you. Take my brother for example. He lives in QC and he’s not able to get Converge. (Full story on that in my Converge review.) It depends on your location in QC, though. Many areas in QC are “Converge-covered”. My brother’s place is just “out of reach” for now and I must say, he’s pretty unlucky for that.


With Sky, you still have to ask for their coverage, too. But I give them the advantage for this part because they also cater to some areas in Visayas like Dumaguete and Cebu, and even Davao and Bukidnon in Mindanao.



I don’t know if this is a big thing but I’m putting this factor in. Sky’s modem seems outdated. It has poor reach and so you need a router to increase your signal strength. Converge’s modem has two antennas which I think helps in reaching far more corners in the house. This is not too much of a factor, though, as routers can be easily bought. It’s just that if you’re trying to save up, a couple of thousand pesos would be a big deal.


Oh, this is such a no-brainer. Converge totally clobbered Sky. As gamers would say, “IMBA!” Like, a total mismatch.


Wishful thinking I feel the need to add: Maybe when Sky has a pure fiber connection they can compete with Converge.


converge internet review
Watch video 🙂



Oh, another “imba” moment. LOL, I can’t believe I’m actually using this term. Hahaha! But hello? It’s plain and simple: Converge whips Sky’s ass.

Read my review for each one so you’d get a deeper look into our experiences. Links will be shared at the end of this blog.


Converge’s customer service personnel are not rude (in our experience so far). They are, however, VERY hard to reach. Their hotline eternally rings as if nobody is really there to pick up. With my brother’s experience, Converge didn’t reach out to him to tell him his area is not covered. He had to wait for weeks and had to go to their main office before he was told he is in a “non-Converge-covered” location. Sheesh, quite incompetent, don’t you think?


I’ve tried calling Converge’s hotline, too. On most times, nobody EVER answers. I got lucky thrice, though, and the best thing is, the concern gets rectified or the issue is answered right away. The person is also very on point with the information they give.


With Sky, I haven’t tried calling their hotline yet but I’ve tweeted them and based on our experience with the sales agent, the installers, and the speedy responses on Twitter, I’d say Sky has better customer service simply because they’re more “reachable”. For resolving concerns, don’t count on it.  LOL So I don’t know. Did I do the right thing on putting the customer service factor in favor of Sky just because they’re easier to reach? Part of me wants to put the thumbs up on Converge, but then again I look at the table and I just want to give the credit to Sky so they’ll have a thumbs-up mark. Hahaha!!! Up to you to decide 😉


converge vs sky


I just wanna lay it all out here that this is solely based on our experience with Converge and Sky. We are experiencing both connections at the same time because we have 2 properties on the same condominium. One unit is with Converge and the other is with Sky. The reason we signed up with Sky on our new unit is that we were supposed to transfer the service (Converge) from the first unit but then we weren’t able to contact them (Converge). We planned to apply for another plan with Converge for the second unit but then we got pissed at their Customer Service hotline. Since my brother is with Sky and his experience with them is okay, we applied with Sky. Biggest regret ever. I mean, I don’t care if it takes forever to contact Converge’s customer service people. In our entire experience with them even until now, there are ZERO instances wherein we had to complain about something. No billing issue and all the more no connection issue. The only times we had to call them were for application status inquiry, clarification of start of service, inquiries for my brother’s application, and transfer of service.


So the con for Converge is customer service. Let’s hope they will improve on that. For Sky, they said they’re working on making their connections pure fiber so let’s see…


If being able to contact customer service all the time is on top of your priorities and you are willing to risk the maybe-maybe not, go with SKY.


If you have Sky cable and you think it’s easier to get a bundle with Sky internet so you won’t have to pay 2 different providers or possibly have different due dates, go with SKY.


And of course, if Converge is not available in your area, go with SKY. Or check out PLDT Fibr plans.


BUT, if Converge is in your area, please go with where you can get value for your money: CONVERGE.


If you are a gamer, if you work at home, or if there are many internet users at your home, pray that CONVERGE is available in your location.


For a comprehensive review of Converge, read Converge ICT: Ditch or Switch?


For more information, visit their websites and/or contact them directly.
PS: This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review of our experience.


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  1. Actually SkyCable customer and tech support also sucks.

    Here in San Pedro Laguna, ang tech nila ay pinapasubcon nila sa ibang company(except installation na limited skycable installers lang nag iinstall). Naexperience ko last year, ako na ang natawag/nagtetext sa naka laang tech support sa amin, wala nasagot.
    Yung general support # nila na 3810000, pag tinawagan mo may sasagot naman. Pag dating sa dulo hindi pala nila hawak ang outside of metro manila. Sayang lang ang oras.
    No other choice kundi pumunta ka sa main office nila sa pacita complex para sa mabilisang aksyon. Also may tel# din ang pacita main office nila sa billing. Pero pag tinawagan mo wala sasagot. Tinry ko minsan tawagan habang nakapila ako sa main office nila. Lol. Wala nag riring.
    Yung mga nasagot sa socmed ng SkyCable, scripted na yan. Copy paste na replies na hindi naman makakatulong(pampalubag loob lang kumbaga). Actually same with other socmed ng ivang companies.

    Actually dito sa amin reliable naman siya. Sabihin na nating 90% up time. Pag nagloko man ay nasa panahon na kelangan mo talaga ang net.

    Gusto ko sana iupgrade sa 25mbps kaya lang ambaba nung upload eh 3mbps lang.

    Converge wala pa sa aming area nilagpasan ata kami nauna pa sa Calamba.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I agree, scripted talaga responses nila. Nakadraft na ata ang spiels nila then copy paste nalang hehe.. ang Converge ngayon naguupgrade pati sa Customer Service nila. Looking forward for improvements on that 🙂 Naku, sayang naman nalagpasan pa kayo.. Sana magkaroon na din kayo soon. 🙂

    2. The internet connection of Sky Fiber is fine and tolerable until may problema ka na and you request for their resolution. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SERVICE SUCKS SUPER BIG TIME! Nakakatanga na. I know inoutsourced na silang lahat, pero sobrang hassle from scheduling a visit na di definite. Laging sabi, di naman alam kung saan kung kelan pwede magschedule kasi system na daw. Eh pano pala kung may trabaho ka at walang tao sa bahah nyo, edi wala din diba? Mas malala yung liliban ka ng work na hindi rin pinuntanhan. When given a scheduled date, wala naman daw definite time. May auto-generated message na may tech na pupunta between 9am to 12nn, pero yung message and email na receive ng 5:30pm, ano yun? Ibang timezone?

      My real bad experience is questionable billing charges dahil di raw nabayaran na months and di raw sinuli na modems/boxes nong disconnect. Mind you, they charge disconnection and termination fees. Why would you even be paying something for unused months when you didn’t even use their service, right? Hence, the disconnection. Anong logic ba naman yung di mo isuli yung box? Di naman nagana yun if gagamitin mo kung saan man kasi nakalock yun sa kanila kaya tanga lang yung reason na itatago mo at di isusuli, di naman magagamit yun.

      Basta ito nalang, ito lang kasi yun eh, ewan ko lang if acceptable ang statement na “Eh ganon talaga, sir!” sa kahit anong situation or service mapa-Sky man yan or hindi. I checked their Values sa About Us, Customer Focus daw sila In The Service of The Filipino. Hahay. Para na akong DDS mag comment sa sobrang inis ko sa katangahan ng tao nila. Naiinis ako, kasi pera na ang involved at pandaraya na ang ginagawa eh.

      Btw, I kept receipts of all what I am saying here as proof that I am not in anyway capable of ruining a company or a person. I’m just stating facts of how shitty their service is.

    1. Uh-oh 🙁 Let’s just hope connection’s good in your area. Some people say their Sky experience is good or at least good enough so I hope yours would be, too. Our experience with them is just reeeeally bad. 🙁

  2. converge for us in mandaluyong nis big no. we are paying 2500 mothly for 78 mbps.. but sad to to say we can even connect to yahoo..we been complaining this to converge they change the modemn but still the same.. hands down

    1. As in?? OMG kalurky. That must be very exasperating! Huhu.. Wala silang action? 🙁 Mahirap pa naman sila i-reach 🙁

    2. hi may I know saan po kayo sa Mandaluyong? I am planning to switch to Converge kase from Sky na lage na lang sloooooowding 😖

      1. Hi! So sorry for the late response. We’re from Pasig po not Manda, but medyo malapit lang sa Mandaluyong. How’s your connection na po?

  3. Converge is a BIG FAT NO. The first year was fine. After that, I’ve had nothing but issues every single week. I repeat: Every. Single. Week. Bad customer service, can’t give answers to questions and takes days for on-site visit/repair to complete. Their service greatly affected my work from home. By far the worst among the three (globe and pldt – in that order). I am tempted to switch to Sky however I have yet to find out if they cater my area because the last time I checked, it isn’t available still.

    1. Oh my! Ang lala 🙁 I agree with bad customer service though. Regarding internet connection, ours is ok naman. I understand your frustration especially since nakaaffect na sa work mo. Tsk. Hope it gets better. Do update us here. Maybe others can read your comment and relate to it and maybe they’ve had their issue fixed na and they can help you. (Fingers crossed!)

    2. I agree with Enzo. Ang tagal kong inabangan ang Converge sa area namin. Super excited pa ko nung nainstall na nila. Dec. 26 nainstall sa bahay namin sabi ng tech mga 3hrs pa daw bago magkaroon ng connection. Since around 7pm na yun, syempre umuwi na sila. Binigyan nila ako ng contact number to follow up. Nun palang sobrang kabadtrip na. Follow up ako ng follow up, dumating ang tech Dec 31, yes! Nagamit na din namin sa wakas. Mabilis kung sa mabilis, agree ako jan. Pero after a month nawalan na ako ng connection, 1 week pa ang nakalipas nung may dumating na tech para ayusin. After 2 weeks, wala na naman, then 1 week ulit nung naayos.

      I work from home kaya sobrang importante ng internet sakin. Yesterday, I was working nung nawalan ng connection. Syet! Training ko pa naman din sa new client ko, and may target kaming time para matapos. Tapos may mangyayaring gantong aberya. Simula nung na-install successfully yung Converge (Dec. 31, 2019), yung kahapon (March 10, 20) na yung 6th na experience kong intermittent. Nakakapagod na! Ito actually yung reason kaya ako naligaw sa blog na to, kasi nagchecheck ako ng feedback sa ibang provider because I’m planning to switch.

      Para sa lahat ng makakabasa ng blog na to, wag kayo masyadong ma-hype sa Converge. Natutunan kong hindi porket may Converge na sa area mo, ok na. Malalaman mo lang pag nagpaconnect ka na. Hindi ko to sinasabi para siraan ang company. I’m just sharing my personal experience. Hindi lang talaga sya perfect sakin kasi I’m using my internet connection for work.

  4. Ms Ai, saan po kayo sa Pasig? We just transferred along Ortigas Center, near Robinsons Galleria and we applied for PLDT last Jan 8. As of today (Feb 11) it is still on going. My job is an online tutor so I need a reliable and stable connection. Based on your experience, would you recommend Converge in this area? or I should wait for PLDT.

    Thank you in advance!

  5. Can anyone advise if it helps to upgrade modem. May nabasa ako na it makes a huge difference kung magandang klase ang modem. Grabe slow ng Sky broadband namen Eastwood area maski sa umaga kailangan pang reboot.

  6. Actually Sky is not bad, there are some hick ups, but almost all of the time I’m getting my subscribe speed. As for my 25Mbps. I can get 24.8Mbps most of the time and 26+Mbps on off peak hour.

    Sad to say that not all areas Sky services are that good, but lucky for me here at my condo (El Pueblo One Quezon City). My family is not complaining on Sky’s Broadband service, there are times that all 4 of us is watching Netflix, Youtube, and gaming at the same time (just don’t download large files when someone is streaming or doing online games or you will hog up all the bandwidth). I’ve been a Sky broadband subscriber for 5 years now.

    As for their tech support and on site trouble shooting their service is 5 stars compared to PLDT.

    But for their phone tech support you should give them a feeling that you know how their network works. And try to do basic trouble shooting on your side before calling them up. Like turn off your modem for 3 mins before turning it back ON, and resetting the modem. So they will check on their side instead of asking you to do the trouble shooting on your side.

    Just to give an idea on Sky Broadband network. Their network uses caching servers before distributing it to their subscribers you can notice this on your modem IP address versus the IP address you can get on IP Chicken. They are different, So I called sky broadband on this and I told them that I already know the network setup they have and they admitted it.

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