KLOOK TRAVEL: Legoland Malaysia (A Guide, Photo Tour and Some Tips)

legoland malaysia entrance

Legos in different colors and sizes, Lego-themed merchandise, and sweets in almost every corner – what kid wouldn’t want to live there?

Last July, Rael and I discussed going to Hong Kong so Ezra’s passport will be stamped. Our target then was Hong Kong Disneyland. However, when Ezra learned about the trip, he kept on raving about Legoland thinking it’s also found in Disneyland. (He saw dozens of videos of Legoland in Youtube) I then started calculating: HK Disneyland will cost about Php 4,000 per person. Ezra’s 3 years old so he’ll have a child ticket which means he’ll only pay a fraction of the adult rate. Legoland, on the other hand, only costs around Php 1,800 per person (Klook rate), Ezra included. With the amount to be spent for HK Disneyland, we can already go to 2 theme parks: Legoland AND Universal Studios Singapore, which is priced at around Php 2,500 (can be lower with Klook! Use code USSKLKPH to get P350 off if you get 4 tickets!). We were contemplating on this when a few weeks later, we stumbled upon a promo flight from Cebu Pacific. Flights to Singapore were cheaper by Php 1,100 compared to flights to Hong Kong. That closed the deal. WE’RE GOING TO SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA! Thanks to Cebu Pacific, we scored a good deal of only Php 15,185 for a roundtrip ticket (Manila to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to Manila) for all 3 of us! Sweet.

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Where exactly is Legoland Malaysia?

Legoland Malaysia is located in Nusajaya, Johor Bahru, a large but still developing city about 4 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. To get there, you can either catch a flight to Senai International Airport (JHB) OR you can also travel by bus or private vehicle from Singapore or KL.

We came from Singapore so I’m going to tell you all about it (I promise to make it as comprehensive as possible) on another blog post. Frankly, I only read about how to travel between the two cities through other blogs and sadly, the info we got was incomplete. So I promise to write the Singapore to Johor guide as complete as possible. I’ll put the link here once I post it hopefully next week.

Legoland tickets c/o Klook

We got our Legoland tickets from Klook for a slightly discounted price of Php 1,731 (Price may change depending on the season). What’s great about it is that we don’t have to fall in line anymore to get physical tickets or our vouchers verified. What Klook sends us when we book it are already considered as tickets and all we need to do is show the personnel at the entrance either a printed ticket or the one on the app. (I showed them a screenshot of the tickets.) They’re going to scan the barcode from your ticket/s and you’re good to go!

Things you might want to know

  • ◉ There is no free WiFi in Legoland.
  • ◉ But there is free WiFi in some establishments in Mall of Medini which is just outside the theme park. The establishments I found with these free internet connection are Burger King (you can stay outside and connect), KFC (you need to order something because your receipt will generate a code so you can connect to their network), and The Chicken Rice Shop which I haven’t tried connecting to but always see their network popping out in the network list.
  • ◉ There is also WiFi available in Legoland hotel lobby.
  • ◉ You cannot exit Legoland and then re-enter UNLESS you purchase the combo ticket which allows you to enter Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park. We only got the Legoland Theme Park ticket, and will most definitely come back to visit both when Ezra’s a little older.
  • ◉ Prams/strollers are not allowed inside shops and rides in Legoland. They have designated stroller parking areas outside. Don’t worry, though. It’s safe! Of course, don’t leave valuables unless someone is looking out for your stuff.
  • ◉ Grab is more cost efficient than taxis in Johor Bahru. The amazing thing is, even their taxi drivers are honest enough to admit that Grab is cheaper (Well, this is based on my experience talking to two taxi drivers).
  • ◉ Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is only a short cab ride away from Legoland! Thomas the Train is also there! Grab Car will cost around RM 7 to 10 only.
  • ◉ There is no free water in Legoland, unlike Universal Studios where you can easily refill your bottles at drinking stations.
  • ◉ The package for photos after a ride is RM 60 (as of writing). This gives you 1 big- and 1 small-sized photos of the same kind as well as its soft copy. If you want to have different photos printed in there, you can go on the ride twice and request for different images so you won’t have duplicates. This is a wiser move.

Welcome to Legoland!!!

Like many theme parks, Legoland is divided into different areas…

The Beginning

As you enter the theme park, you will be greeted with this famous entryway that easily sparks joy to any kid! Inside, you will see some shops and a cafe. I wasn’t able to take a photo of these because Ezra was so excited he jumped out of his stroller. LOL!

legoland malaysia entrance

Ninjago World

Ezra’s favorite place in Legoland! We probably spent almost half our time here. You’ll see the monastery, a shop (called Sensei’s shop), and the Ninjago ride which is a 3D ride that puts your ninja skills to test.
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legoland malaysia review blog
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This colorful play zone is a chockful of Instagrammable corners. This is where you can find Playtown, the train station, Lego studios, Kids Power Tower, and Build & Test (where you guys can make your own Lego car).

Land of Adventure

Another one of Ezra’s favorite hangout. Dino Island, Lost Kingdom Adventure, etc. are found here.

Lego City

A world of Legos!!! Definitely one of our favorites. This is also where you can get a driver’s license for your kids! Too cute to pass up!
              legoland drivers license    


An amazing display of Asia’s most iconic landmarks IN LEGOS right in the heart of the park.

Lego Technic

This part is a very interesting one. We have very little photos — actually just one — because our gadgets got empty batt when we got here. Boohoo. We had to charge while we had some fun. In this area, you will be able to enjoy some action-packed rides like Twister, Wave Racers (people who are watching can trigger water bombs!) and of course, Great Lego Race – -the world’s first Lego virtual reality roller coaster!
There is also a huge Lego Einstein in here as well as some Lego workshops, a Star Wars miniland and an Asian deli.

Lego Kingdoms

Castles and rollercoasters. I’ve been looking for this part right here and we only found it when we were about to leave. Sadly, the rain started pouring again. We’ll be back next time though so we’ll be able to share more experiences here.



Legoland castle
Photo from Legoland Malaysia website
Photo from Legoland Malaysia website
We also don’t have a lot of photos of all the rides and attractions because Ezra was only 3 and many of the rides had age or height restrictions. So if you want the FULL Legoland experience, perhaps bring your children when they’re already about 6 years old. 🙂 Either way, it’s still a fun family experience and any kid would rave about it for quite a long time. ♥

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