About Aileen

Mostly called “Leen” or “A” by my closest friends and family but some calls me “Ai” and I guess it works, too. (:

A doting mom, cool wife and nurse-turned-brand-officer aspiring to share stories, uncensored mommy adventures, travel tales & tips, honest food recommendations & recipes and everything in between. When I’m not writing, I’m being silly with Ezra, binge-eating with Rael, daydreaming of random places, trying to keep a house I can barely keep or probably just pretending to be productive. For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been telling myself to go to the gym and eat healthy. Apparently, that never happened... YET.

I am also very willing to explore new places, whether on a shoestring budget or a luxurious, open wallet trip. I enjoy trying out new food and drinks and am ready to take on challenges on food and anything fun.

And oh, sometimes I also make videos for Everyday With Ezra.
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