4 Disturbing YouTube Videos Kids Should Stop Watching

youtube videos kids should not watch

As parents, we’ve all got different takes on letting our kids have screen time let alone watch videos on YouTube. While most helicopter parents say “hell no” to YouTube videos especially when watched unsupervised, some parents, like me, still find YouTube not an entirely bannable platform. For one, YouTube hosts a bazillion of kiddie videos including some programs from regular channels on TV and even some movies or movie clips. Aside from the variety, YouTube is a quick solution and a fun activity for when the carer needs to do something like fold clothes, do some cooking or move laundered clothes to the drier. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll allow our kids to be “alone” on YouTube for hours or that we’ll make YouTube our digital regular babysitter. Hell, no. Like television, YouTube viewing requires boundaries.

The most ideal way to let kids watch YouTube videos is to watch with them. That way, you can make it a bonding moment. In fact, a little curation of content actually makes a fun and educational experience for both parent and child. Or, you can let them watch YouTube at an earshot so they can be monitored. But how about the times where you can’t sit with your kids during YouTube viewing? You’d think YouTube Kids could save the day, huh? Well, sadly, you’re wrong.

Disturbing youtube videos for kids

Many YouTube videos these days are disguised as child-friendly clips only to turn out as absolute filth! So consider yourself warned. If you can’t totally get rid of YouTube, just make sure your child doesn’t end up clicking into the black hole of obnoxity. That’s where BLOCKING CHANNELS gets useful.

Here are the most disturbing YouTube videos that you should not let your kids watch (and hopefully YouTube will ban completely):

#4 The Wasting of Food Videos

Ever notice how homemade videos are becoming a trend nowadays? While some of these videos are fun to watch (or honestly too corny especially for adults but for some reason kids love them), a lot of these videos show alarming behaviors such as wasting food — throwing candies everywhere, mixing different types of food and condiments and then throwing it in the trash, baking huge pastries only to take one tiny bite before leaving it on the table or the kitchen sink, playing with food, the list is endless! I don’t know what table manners are instilled to these children or if the parents just feel like they’re too rich now they don’t think they’re being wasteful but, jeeeez, you’re parents, too! You should know that kids are watching (they are, after all, your main market) and the behaviors you or your kids are showing in the video/s are bad examples! I just really hope it’s not all about the money or the fun but the values that you can instill to your viewers as well.

#3 “Bad Baby” Videos

These videos teach kids that bad behavior is the way to be — acting like spoiled brats, being sore losers, showing vengeful characters, exhibiting rudeness… all these bad behaviors are supposedly “the way for kids to get what they want”! This type of video is definitely worse than food wasting clips!

One time, Ezra and I were watching Blippi on YouTube when I suddenly had to pee. I ran to the toilet to do my thing and then I poured myself a cold almond milk in the kitchen. By then I noticed Ezra already switched the video to something else entirely. The background music was that of the usual non-royalty backgrounds on most homemade videos and I can hear some sort of conversation going on. After a short while, a baby girl started doing a fake cry. I know what video this is! I finished my glass of milk and asked Ezra to hand me the phone so we could do something else that’s more fun. As if on cue, he started fake crying like the girl on the video. He even swung his arms in an alternate up and down motion as if he was a little baby throwing a fit. It was such a disgusting act, something I never want him to learn.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He continued to fake cry and even stomped his feet across the room.

My reaction? I gave him a WTF expression on my face and then I told him that would never work on me. A few seconds later, he stopped.

“Is it funny, Mom? The baby girl does it and her daddy gives her chocolates or big toys.”

“That’s not how it works, love. Not everything you want you can get, no matter how hard you fake cry or act out. And no, it’s NOT funny.” This is perhaps my most overused statement as a mom.

So parents, if you see any of these videos, BLOCK THEM RIGHT AWAY. I’ve blocked several of them already but I still find new ones almost every week. Believe me, YouTube is becoming a cesspool of garbage kids’ content! And if our kids watch these videos regularly, chances are, they’ll acquire that behavior!

#2 Morbid Fake Cartoons

These videos are literally EVERYWHERE in YouTube. They’re usually titled “FROZEN ELSA DISNEY CARS SPIDERMAN HULK FIGHT” or something like that. Naturally, when kids or moms type in “Frozen” or “Disney”, these videos will most likely turn up, too! What’s disgusting is that these Disney characters, clowns and superheroes (either toy figures, homemade cartoons or live people dressing up) do morbid stuff like shoot each other in the head where the head blows, blood all over; they cut each other’s throats; decapitate the body; plot ill-fitted pranks; make someone pregnant, and literally display cartoon gore. And guess what, their background music is usually a loop of nursery rhymes such as The Muffin Man!

This is utterly disturbing, very inappropriate and potentially scarring to kids. I’m surprised Disney or Marvel or DC or whatever didn’t do something about this.

#1 Johny, Johny

This catchy song is not particularly morbid but what fazes me is that it is continually going viral all over the world and yet many parents fail to notice one important thing about the song: IT TEACHES OUR KIDS TO LIE. Do you want that? I bet you’re trying to sing the song right now, yes?

Johny, Johny

Yes, Papa

Eating sugar?


Telling a lie?

No, Papa. — LIE AGAIN.

Open your mouth?


You may think this is a small thing but this small thing can be a start to something bigger. Maybe today your child will just think of it as a funny song… Later on he/she will think it’s just a funny prank to mom and dad… But over time, he/she will learn the concept of lying. Maybe I’m overreacting, that’s up to you. But think about it.


Love and light,


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