Ground Pork with Chayote
A simple and budget-friendly dish that is not only tasty but healthy, too!
  1. Heat cooking oil in a pan.
  2. Saute the onion first. (I do this because I want the onion to be really cooked and I don’t want to burn the garlic)
  3. Add the garlic. When it starts to brown a little, add the tomatoes. Saute.
  4. Put in the ground pork and sprinkle some salt. You can also put some soy sauce if you like. Saute until the meat changes its color evenly. Also make sure not to let it stick to the pan.
  5. Add water. Start with 2 cups and add some more salt. Or, you can use the pork cube. Add in the sliced chayote as well.
  6. Let it boil for 15 minutes. (Make sure it doesn’t run out of water or else it’ll burn. So add water as necessary.) After about 15-20 minutes, check if the chayote is tender enough for your liking (I like mine super tender so I always extend the time) by poking one with a fork. Add more time and water as necessary.
  7. Add salt to taste. This is the part where you can adjust the flavor. You can also throw in some green chili for that added spice.
  8. When chayote is tender enough and the flavor is perfect for you, reduce to a simmer. It’s your choice to have some soup or have it, uhm, let’s just say “dry”.
  9. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes
I don’t know if I have explained the steps properly but I hope you guys get it. This is just a simple experimentation and again, I am NOT a chef nor an experienced cook in any way. Hope you’ll enjoy this dish! 🙂
PS: You can also add malunggay leaves! Great for children, students, breastfeeding moms, everyone!

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