PMS Diaries: Best Netflix Shows For That Time of The Month + Delish Sweets From Caj & Lucas Homemade Goodies

yummy floating island cake

It’s that time of the month again. Love it or hate it, this is one week of MY TIME. I get to be short tempered and lazier than my already lazy self — and I have an excuse for it: hormones. I mean, I don’t really go King Kong on them but when I’m PMS-ing, I would eat a whale. And Rael supports me  on that (he always supports anything related to food. Lol).

So the week before my anticipated “PMS week”, he was already rummaging the internet for cakes and pastries for me to devour on MY WEEK. He suggested brazo de mercedes, my favorite Hershey’s chocolate, and the hyped chocolate dream cake which we haven’t tried yet. 

Yes, yes and double yes.

Like a fairy godmother or a genie who just heard our wish, my good friend Carla sent me a message about giving us samplers from her newly established business. She brought us a pack of butter cookies from our friend Janice who just came from Baguio (Ezra ate the cookies to the last crumb), and of course a chocolate dream cake and a floating island cake made with brazo de mercedes, leche flan and ube halaya.

Yes, yes and double — triple yes!

The first one Rael and I tried was the dream cake. On his first bite, Rael leapt for joy. “It tastes so good!” He yelped in delight. I immediately scooped a tablespoon of it and boy,


chocolate dream cake
Photo grabbed from Caj & Lucas Homemade Goodies Facebook Page because ours was devoured in a flash. Wasn’t able to take a photo.

For only 150 php, you get to relish 5 layers of decadent goodness: Moist Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fudge Frosting, Chocolate Ganache, Shards / Dark Chocolate Disc and Hershey’s Cocoa Dusting. All that melts in your mouth. It’s like everything you’ve dreamt of chocolate cakes is combined together to form one tasty masterpiece!

So there I was with my goodies, ready to Netflix and chill. Because what is more relaxing than a night of binge-watching in your baggy PJs, right?

I lifted the lid of the floating island container and dug in…

3 of my childhood favorites in one?

I knew each layer would be delish. But 3 of them together? Wouldn’t it be too sweet? I took my first spoonful…. Mmmm… Luscious… The three super yummy cakes perfectly complemented each other. It wasn’t too sweet at all. It was just the right amount of sweetness, palatable in every chomp.

So if you are ever in Manila or Rizal, I highly recommend you try Caj & Lucas Homemade Goodies. They can deliver, depending on the area. Contact them at 09322104700. For now, they only have the Chocolate Dream Cake (P150) and my new favorite Floating Island (P160, 450g, 5×7) but I tell you, they’re both a must-try! And it’s not only you who would enjoy it. Your entire family will! As for mine, Rael loved both – he’s constantly asking me to buy more! Ezra especially loved the Dream Cake. He’s a chocolate monster. Me? I loved both of them! But if I only have P200 left, I’d totally get the Floating Island over the Dream Cake, just because it has 3 of my favorites together 🙂

Best Netflix shows to watch on your period

The shows I watch on my monthly craze depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I get swayed to hop in the bandwagon of shows like To All The Men I Loved Before, too! Most of the time, though, I get stuck in the home screen, endlessly browsing movies and shows. It’s crazy! I COULD SPEND AN HOUR OR TWO just browsing and browsing and browsing… And then I end up watching my usuals: FRIENDS, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Modern Family, Gossip Girl. (Or other non-Netflix shows like Sheldon and BBT)

Well, to save you some time, here are my top Netflix picks for PMS binge-watching nights (September 2018):

  • Like Father: A honeymoon with Pops? Hmm.. This feel-good movie is admittedly predictable, but heartfelt.
  • ◉ Coco: It’s heartwarming and… it’s Pixar. No further questions.
  • Wild Child: A classic chick flick. Because every PMS movie marathon needs one.
  • ◉ Devil Wears Prada: Because fashion is serious stuff, you know.
  • ◉ Deadpool: If you need some action and a couple of laughs to make you forget about the cramps, Ryan Reynolds can help you with that.
TV Shows:
  • ◉ FRIENDS: Duh. This should be the default TV show in all channels! Never gets old, definitely.
  • Jane the Virgin: Motherhood, parenthood, immigration, dreams, life, love… This show is easy to relate to. Plus it’s really funny.
  • ◉ BoJack Horseman: Painfully honest and absolutely a must-watch. Just make sure no kids are around. I mean that.
  • ◉ Grey’s Anatomy: It’s got all the feels. Oh, no list can ever be “the list” without Grey’s Anatomy.
  • ◉ Dynasty: Love it, but the next season’s not until next year so I remain cringing at the edge of my seat. So watch it and let’s cringe together 😋


Enjoy PMS-ing!




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