Sans Rival Dumaguete: Custom Cake Review

bumblebee cake
When one goes to Dumaguete and thinks of pasalubong, Sans Rival’s silvanas definitely comes to mind first. In fact, it is not uncommon to see flight (or ferry) passengers carrying blue and white boxes as they leave the city. Well, I couldn’t blame such craze as I myself have always been a fan of Sans Rival’s delish silvanas. But, did you know that apart from those yummy treats and other delectable pastries in their shop, you can also order a custom cake from them?


Last April 20, we celebrated Ezra’s birthday in Siquijor — an enchanting island about 50 minutes from Dumaguete. Of course, since it’s a birthday, we need a cake. In my mind, when in Dumaguete, cake = Chantilly or Sans Rival. For some reason, Sans Rival was just something I couldn’t pass up. Plus, I always see my friend’s posts on Facebook. Their family owns the restaurant and she is currently the Creative Director. She also happens to be my batch mate in Nursing. Luckily, she accommodated my order despite it being Holy Saturday. YEYYY!!!!! I was really stoked! I wanted a Sans Rival cake so bad!!!


Come Tuesday morning, we learned it’s going to be a very busy traveling day on the weekend. The influx of visitors going to Siquijor will be astounding so we decided it’s better to pick up the cake Thursday evening so we can bring it to Siquijor on a Friday or on the first trip out on Saturday. I contacted Ate Isabel right away and she was a bit hesitant at first because, hey, she probably had a long list of orders. I was so ready she’d say it’s not possible because I understand my last minute request was a little out of line. But she really went out of her way to accommodate my request. (Please don’t do this to any baker. It could be stressful for them!)


So yes, we traveled to Siquijor with the cake in hand. For the design, I picked out the theme (Bumblebee, obviously, since Ezra’s obsessed with it nowadays) and worked with Ate Isabel on it. She gave suggestions, we agreed on a very basic concept, and the rest was a surprise…
bumblebee cake
My sister put the “4” candle there 🙂
I love how she used black as base and not yellow like the usual Bumblebee cakes. Aside from the flawless design (I still consider it flawless because it only “melted” after a day in the fridge and then over an hour of traveling), the cake is sinfully scrumptious. It is soft and wonderfully moist and it complements very well with the fondant icing. The chocolate was decadent… just everything you would want a moist chocolate cake to be!


How much is it? I got this 6” x 5″ cake for only Php 2,500. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


Quite frankly, I don’t have to “advertise” Sans Rival as it already nationally renowned. But if you want a custom cake from them, or inquire about all their other services, you can easily contact them through their official Facebook Page.
sans rival transformers cake
Yes, he dove in right away! He also finished almost half the cake!!

Other cake suppliers in Dumaguete

The first time I contacted te Isabel, she told me they’re closed on Good Friday. I didn’t think of getting the cake on Saturday at first so when I realized I’m ordering a cake during Holy Week, I asked some Facebook friends for recommendations, hoping one of their recommended bakers could accommodate my order. Most of them are locals in Dumaguete so I trust these are reliable suggestions (in case you’re wondering where you could order a custom cake in Dumaguete):



Hope this helps, guys!



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